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Today’s Teaching – 12/11/2013 5

Today’s Teaching – 12/11/2013

Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Today's Teaching

Text: ‘Among whom you shine as lights in the world’ – Philippians 2:15 Thought: In October we went to Bowood Golf & Spa Hotel in Wiltshire, a birthday treat from my family. Parking the car we noticed a beautiful fungus (pictured above) close by on the grass. We had never seen one like that before and as far as we could see it was the only one like it in the whole car park. It felt like a ‘special treat’ from the Lord. So we unpacked and I went off to play golf. Returning to the car afterwards I noticed the wonderful bell-shape had shrunk to half its size. Early the next morning the bell-shape had totally disappeared and was the size of a 50p piece and just as thin. If we had not seen it in all its glory, we would never have believed that the end picture was so different from its beginning. Fungi have this amazing God-created ability to grow up rapidly, often in a day or so, and then to fade away just as quickly. How long have you got left in your job or in school? In a career, sport or your home? The temptation is for Christians to think they can do better...

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