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Afterwards 3


Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Today's Teaching

Text: ‘Afterward Jesus found him in the temple’ – John 5:14 Thought: What happens to you afterwards is very important. This man had just been totally healed by an amazing miracle.1 Yet he didn’t know who had told him to, ‘Rise, take up your bed and walk’, for Jesus immediately disappeared into the crowd the moment the miracle occurred. When the religious authorities interrogated him for carrying his bed on the Sabbath, he replied that he was only doing what he had been told to do. Despite suffering from an infirmity for 38 years, he couldn’t identify the one who had healed him. Afterwards, Jesus found him in the temple, expressing his thankfulness. He didn’t forget God after being healed and helped in such a wonderful way. During the 1978 pioneer crusade in Wadebridge, an ex WREN Petty Officer entered the hall supported by 2 sticks. After receiving prayer for healing, she marched out shouting, “Gangway”, her friend walking behind her carrying her sticks! Afterwards she came only occasionally to the church. When a return visit of the evangelist was planned, I called to invite her to the service. She lived in an upstairs flat but always left the front door open to save her from coming down the stairs...

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