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Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Today's Teaching

Text: ‘But generous people plan to do what is generous’ – Isaiah 38:8 (New Living Translation) Thought: It is very difficult to understand why Christians are mean and unwilling to tithe their income. They certainly don’t reflect the God who saved them. God is love and love gives! 1 Jenny was sharing with me some things she wanted to do to bless others. I was cautioning against it, knowing the amount of extra work it would involve. The Lord reminded me, because Jenny’s a generous person, she was just finding new ways to be generous and a blessing, and if she did it, He would take care of the extra time and energy needed to do just that! So what can we learn from being generous? Being generous helps to counteract selfishness “I” trouble is so prevalent today. “I want” fuels many a selfish lifestyle. Whether it’s the latest invention or what the neighbours have. “What about me, my rights, my needs?” has plagued many a church into pandering to the needs of the few in the congregation instead of challenging them to do the will of God! When you are generous you automatically think less about getting and more about giving. Being generous is possible even when you have...

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