Recommended Reading

The Anointing - Benny HinnI believe in miracles - Kathryn Kuhlman







I Believe in Miracles – Kathryn Kuhlman

The Anointing – Benny Hinn

I have put these 2 books together for Benny Hinn was greatly influenced by the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman. “I believe in miracles” tells the story of some amazing miracles of healing. Reading those accounts, I cannot help but be struck by their desperate need and sheer determination to do what’s necessary to get their miracle. Their faith in action kept them going when everything seemed against them. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. So what happened then, can and should happen today. Benny Hinn’s book on the anointing will help the reader to see the importance of the Holy Spirit and how He can empower us to preach the gospel with power and authority.

The Fourth Dimension - Yonggi Cho

The Fourth Dimension – Yonggi Cho

How big are the dreams you dream? Yonggi Cho pastored the biggest church in the world – over 1 million people attending. This book shows some of the principles Cho used to start experiencing that staggering growth. I have recently re-read the book and found myself being challenged to dream bigger dreams. You will too!

Faith like potatoes

Faith Like Potatoes – Angus Buchan

This is the story of Angus Buchan, a tough, straightforward South African farmer, whose gentle but uncompromising faith has carried him through drought, financial crisis and family tragedy. Some readers would find it easy to question the validity of the amazing miracles of provision, healing and changed lives, yet what happened in response to faith, prayer and obedience is no real difference to those recorded in the Bible. This easy to read short book of only 174 pages will stimulate and challenged your faith into action.

Path of Prayer

The Path of Prayer – Samuel Chadwick

 This book can help at least 3 kinds of Christians. Those starting out on a life of prayer, the beginner. Those who are dissatisfied with their present prayer life, and those who are concerned about the lack of real answers to prayer they are currently experiencing. Although the book reflects the language of the era it was written in, the 1930’s, it is surprisingly easy to read and understand. The author is honest about his own shortcomings in prayer, yet maintains a desire throughout for spiritual breakthrough. It is a short book of only 132 pages, available also on Kindle at only £0.99. Well worth the small investment for spiritual truth that could revolutionise one’s prayer life.

The Grace Outpouring Roy Godwin – Published by David C Cook

A very inspiring and challenging book. Recommended for anyone wanting to reach out with the gospel to friends and family and into the community. It will help to make one far more positive about personal evangelism



How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

If you’ve never read this book, get a copy as soon as possible. Amazon retail the book for just over £6. Or you can get it second-hand in a charity shop maybe, or borrow it from the library. If you have read it, then read it again.

The topics it covers and principles it promotes are excellent for resolvingI conflict, making stronger relationships and living stress-free lives. They will also help when wanting to share your faith with others. Invest – to be the best!


Becoming a man of unwavering faith

Becoming a man of unwavering faith – John Osteen – Published by Faith Words

“Faith calls the things which are not as though they are. It works in the unseen realm. Through faith, mountains can be moved, taught Jesus. Without it, it is impossible to please God. This is a simple yet dynamic book teaching how faith works when it is based on God’s Word, the Bible. Read it, and then re-read it until these truths become embedded in your life. This book will change you and those around you, as you put these principles into practise.”

Unmerited Favour

Unmerited favour – Joseph Prince – Published by Charisma House

“Many Christians don’t have a strong and secure understanding as to who they are in Christ and how Christ is in them. Consequently they live lives troubled by guilt and fear, unsure as to whether God’s blessing and favour in on them or not. Joseph Prince teaches clearly how the Christian is made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and that everything they now have because they are in Christ, comes to them only on the basis of God’s grace. This is a life-changing book that will help the Christian to live in peace and victory.”

Christ in You Unlocking the Reality - Andrew H Smith

Christ in You – Andrew H Smith –

Published by Christ in You – Ministries

How the Christian’s world changes once they grasp the reality of an indwelling Christ! This book is 70 pages full of positive truths, clearly taught and easy to understand. Andrew draws from his own experiences of ministerial burn-out and recovery after a major accident. In need of spiritual refreshing? This is the book for you!


A Man After God's Own Heart - R T Kendall

A man after God’s own heart – R T Kendall – Published by Christian Focus Publications

King David is given one of the highest accolades in the Bible when he is called, ‘A man after God’s own heart’ – Acts 13:22. This book is a series of sermons on the highs and lows of David’s life and God’s dealings with him. R T Kendall is an excellent Bible teacher and brings out clearly the gospel during each chapter so that the reader feels the opportunity to turn back to the Lord, whatever they may have done wrong. Well worth reading.


The Jehoshaphat Prayer - Andrew H Smith

The Jehoshaphat Prayer – Andrew H Smith

Published by Christ in You – Ministries

We never know when trouble is coming, usually at a time most unexpected. This short book explores the principles of how Jehoshaphat prayed when facing a major, national crisis. The same principles we can use today to see God answer prayer. At the end of reading this book you will feel inspired to believe that God really can turn any situation around for our good and his glory.